Entrega 7-10 días habiles a cualquier país de Latino America y USA. Envío Gratis a partir de $20 USD de compra.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When will be send my purchase?

For purchases in Venezuela, the business day following the payment record, when it has been made by transfer or deposit. You must imperatively have made your Registration Payment for your order to be sent.

For purchases internationally (outside of Venezuela) after confirmation of payment by credit card or PayPal, your order will be sent. This process usually takes 1 to 2 working days.

2. Can i wet my bracelet and / or accessory Anklados?

We remember that the vast majority of our products are made of Zamak (cast iron), with a chrome definition. In any case we use gold, silver or copper.

Therefore, please do not wet the Anklados products, this avoiding that over time your pieces lose their luster.

3. How can I take care of my rope?

All halyards nautical ropes are made of nylon 100%, which is highly resistant to extreme pressures and uses. To keep your rope clean, you can just wash it with detergent and water and rinse.

4. Anklados warranty on products?

The Anklados bracelets have no guarantee. Anklados have been able to test in extreme and non-extreme uses, the quality of all its products. All irregular deterioration or in a very short time impairment, may be due to reasons caused by the buyer (contact with water, highly stropng pH of the person, contact with perfume, etc.) The watches have a 1 month warranty only on the operation. If your Anklados clock stops working, this will be changed with a new one. All physical damage will not be guaranteed by Anklados.

5. How many fees and taxes will i pay for my purchase? (International shipping).

Anklados do not handle this information as it varies greatly depending on the country. We recommend going to the competent body to inform, depending on the amount of your purchase. Remember that international shipments are made by DHL. Anklados ships worldwide for FREE. !  .


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